Heklað byrjenda pakki

  5.590 kr

Content: Cotton yarn, crochet needle no.3, stitch marker, tape measure, yarn needle, fabric bag.

With this kit you can learn how to crochet. Contains all the materials and instructions you need.

If you want to learn how to crochet, this learning set is perfect. Learn how to weave with this training kit, which contains everything you need to get you started. Scan the QR code and be introduced to our learning universe full of videos ready to guide you. You will learn different basic crochet elements and techniques, and in the end you will have six home-crocheted washcloths.

Through our videos, you will learn four different masks, how to start, change colour and finish your work. In the end you will have six beautiful, soft dishcloths in different patterns and colours. The set gives you a basic knowledge of crocheting, which means that you can throw yourself into other creative crochet projects on your own. Our sets are therefore perfect for those of you who want to learn the time-honoured and popular craftsmanship, but just have not got started yet